TMT Christmas Gift Guide Part 4

I don’t know what you get for tricky teens but these are my best hunches. Don’t blame me if they hate them and are so mortified that you ever thought this would be a good idea and you ruined their life FOREVER. 


1.Gorgeous kitsch Flamingo Earrings, £45, Marc Jacobs. SO ironic. 2. An initialled key fob/bag charm that means they won’t lose their stuff quite so easily £8.00, ASOS 3. Teach them how ye olde folk used to take photographs with added tricks. Lomography Honolulu Camera, £105,  4. A most instagrammable pen indeed, £35, Paul Smith 5. A cashmere hat with Interchangeable bobbles!? What’s not to love? £62 (bobbles separate), Anthropologie. You are so lame. 

PS EEK! Things are selling out fast! Try Lily Love Lock at Etsy for alternative glitter key rings and I have also seen very similar in store at Accessorize but annoyingly not on line.


A travel neck pillow with extra privacy £23.99, Amazon. 2. Keep them decent and warm when they visit the grandparents. Dressing Gown, £32.57, Land’s End, 3. Home cooking that they actually might try to make. Dirty Food cookbook, £14.88, Amazon 4. Chocolate Dynamite Stick, £14, The Conran Shop, 5. Fleecy slippers that you can have monogrammed if you’re quick! £40.92, Land’s End. Whatever.

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