Tiny Toothbrush Review

A while ago my son was given a fancy pants Foreo toothbrush. Not to be confused with an Oreo toothbrush which would definitely not be good for your kid’s teeth. I was delighted with this beautifully designed, ergonomic brush but unfortunately at just 12 months my son was quite disinterested in it. Humph. Roll on three months and he couldn’t get enough of it! He was running into the bathroom and grabbing it whenever he could and he is still devoted to his ‘oobrah’ now at 21 months. He loves turning it on and off himself, loves the smiley face that flashes up when he’s brushed for long enough and seems to really enjoy bearing down on the brush with his gums when he’s teething. Over all, a huge success. I do joke that he has the most expensive toothbrush in the house but I have to say I would definitely invest in this brush or recommend it as a gift having witnessed how popular it is and how excited it makes my little one get when it’s tooth brushing time. The brush also seems indestructible having survived months of enthusiastic chewing. A great gift for any gadgety new parents or simply people who would like to instagram the ice-cream pink one next to a peony. I have never thought about that.

Foreo Iss Mikro Electric toothbrush, £79, foreo.com


The enthusiastic chewer doesn’t stay still for long.

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