This Has Actually Happened

There has been a diary clash of cataclysmic proportion. And by that I mean my 6 year old’s diary not my own insignificant schedule of course. Drama class is on Thursdays after school. Longed for drama class. Drama class with best friend Lottie. Drama class where you get to have a snack!

And then, we get a letter inviting us (we strongly recommend you attend) to Thursday after school MATHS CLUB! A parent and child class to help show mums and dads how to teach maths at home. Cue epic tantrum, tears, flailing, hair swinging and high pitched howling from distraught daughter. 

Having spoken to the teacher this morning we have come to an arrangement. Bea is going to drama. Hooray! I am going to maths. Good Grief. How on earth has this happened?! I am now enrolled on a six week maths course on my own! I hate maths! I am rubbish at maths! They are going to laugh at me! Will I make any friends? Can I have a new pencil case? I’ll let you know how I get on…


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