The Mumday Times Wish list

Yes I am fed up with shopping according to my demographic! No I don’t want to move away from the delectable fripperies of the twenty-something high street! I refuse to become a mature mail order catalogue shopper (NB Alexa Chung shops at Boden and she is pure liquid cool so that is OK) or to be relegated to a life of beige and navy blue. My knees haven’t dropped yet! My rules are simple: As long as I can wear a decent bra under it and no one can see my tummy button in it, I’m wearing it.

Asos bunny bag £20 (CUTE!), Asos Midi Skirt, £28 (nice with long tan boots too), Topshop studded boots, £70 (WANT THESE!), Topshop printed peplum t-shirt £12 (Must buy for price and excellent stain hiding pattern) Topshop sundress, £25 (excellent wear anywhere summer dress can be layered over vest or under chunky cardi), Topshop patterned jeans, £40 ( go with anything and again, what stains?) River Island Denim Shirt £32 ( I have this. It is a good one) River Island jewelled cuff £18 (ooh pretty!) River Island playsuit £20 (If you’re feeling brave – Selma so would)

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