The Forgetful Mum’s Change Bag

Managed to forget your wipes AGAIN?! Had to go through the humiliation of asking a super posh, nostril flaring NCT mum to lend you a nappy bag before you leave a smelly deposit in her Brabantia? Oh well, at least you’ve got plenty of spare nappies…Aaaaargh! This was me. Sleepless nights, hormones and just plain dappyness meant that I couldn’t organise myself out of a paper bag. But I could organise myself out of a Pacapod change bag! (see what i did there?) When I got my Pacapod everything slipped into place  – because everything had a place! Inside the bag are two mini rucksacks (pods) One for feeding stuff and one for nappy stuff. Each pouch has clearly marked slots and compartments for all your vitals so, as long as you keep topping them up you know you’ve got everything you need. The bag basically reminds you what you need to pack. Good eh? You can go posh with a leather version if you’re planning on mating for years or go for a nice nylon one that dads won’t hate at all. from £65

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