The Bra You Can Eat, Sleep and Wear the T-shirt in

A few weeks ago I was invited to the new swanky Ham Yard Hotel in central London to meet a new bra. The Triumph Magic Wire. I was taken into a sumptuous bedroom and fitted for my own bra, I met some models who were wearing the magic wire bra (the heating was on) and I got to browse a book shelf full of bras. Triumph said that after years of research and pooling of all their technical prowess this is pretty much the most comfy bra known to woman and that their new silicone underwire or non underwire means that you’ll never feel like you have a metal torture device resting on your ribcage again. Unclipping your bra as soon as you slump onto the sofa and reach for the posh crisps will be a thing of the past. Also good for tender pregnant boobs too…


The bra fitting suite. That’s an alpaca pompom on my bag by the way  – just made from shaved happy alpaca not sad alpaca.


Hound of the Braskervilles anyone?

This seemed normal at the time. The magic wire gives great lift and cleavage and looks really smooth under t-shirts and fine tops.


Of course as any woman knows, the true test of a comfy bra is whether you can sleep in it all night without being forced to wrestle if off in the small hours, knocking water off the bedside table and punching your partner in the mouth. I can confirm that the Magic Wire bra was super comfy to sleep in and was not hanging off the lampshade come morning. Official scientific proof that this is a mega comfy brassiere.

I slept in a Contouring Sensation Magic Wire Bra, £36,

NB: This is a sponsored post but as always I only include sponsored posts if I am really impressed with the product in question.

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