The Best Wooden Toys

I love wooden toys. Not to the exclusion of all other toys of course – I have winced watching my neighbour’s child trying to pedal an entirely wooden trike across a bumpy lawn on several occasions – but they are so much more visually appealing, not to mention eco-friendly than garish, shiny mass produced plastic items that are just going to become landfill in a matter of months. Of course, your child would much rather have an articulated, Power Ranger but these beauties below might just tempt them away for a few moments of peaceful, wooden, Little House on the Prairie,  simple pleasure time…

These are mini works of art! Look at the beetroot!!! Wooden Fruit Set, £45, Little Happy Folks

Say Cheese! These are so lovely and come in a selection of colours, £45, Fanny & Alexander

The shop of dreams that you wouldn’t actually mind taking up half your sitting room. Flexa Market Stall, £272, Cottage Toys 

Connect Four that won’t give you a visual migraine. Kids Concept – 4 in a row, £16.95, Scandiborn

Kids Concept Pastel Pink Stacking Truck, £37.95, Scandiborn 

For the modern chef, Sebra Kitchen, £178, Smallable


The cheeriest building blocks  Kukkia Tsumiki House Building Blocks, £85, Mini Deco

Footnote: these toys are pretty expensive BUT if you imagine whittling everything yourself, the prices seems more reasonable.

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