Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse? Are you sure?

I interviewed Holly Willoughby the other day and asked her what sun cream she uses. “I like that Sudocrem one. You know, the mousse. It’s great because it doesn’t drip in the kids’ eyes.”

Cue sympathetic smile and nervous whinny. Poor exhausted Holly, I thought. She has obviously done one interview too many, gone doolally and got her nappy creams mixed up with her sun creams. Now I’ll have to trawl the internet looking for mousse style sun creams and probably never find what on earth she is taking about.

But lo! There really is such a thing! Ms Willoughby is in full possession of her marbles after all! It looks very good. I am addicted to original Sudocrem – my husband often comes home to find me wearing a full beard of it (damn spots) – so I am definitely going to give this a go on the kids. The moisturiser mousse looks good too and it’s paraben and preservative free. Thanks for being so on the ball Holly.

Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse for kids and babies, £15 (150ml)

Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse, £8.99 (150m)

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