1. I will not be hairdrying pants at 8.45 am so that my daughters have clean, dry underwear to put on for school.

2. I will not have to enter our bedroom a la Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment (dodgy film with Sean Connery) when my baby is sleeping so that I don’t break my neck tripping over/slipping on the multiple obstacles that are piled on the floor. The floor will be clear.

3. I will not pile up all the clothes and crap on the chaise long (inherited from glamorous Grandma) instead of the floor.

4. I will not use Ikea bags as matched luggage anymore.

5. I will not tell people about the exciting projects I will be attacking with relish this year. In case I don’t.

6. There will not be a national day of celebration in our house when any one of us manages to find a matching pair of socks (apart from smug husband).

7. I will throw away the entire Ikea bag (yes the big sort) full of odd socks we have accumulated. 

8. I will not spend hours scrolling through Instagram and then complain that I have NO time to do ANYTHING!

9. I will not consider myself to be extremely thrifty when I only buy half the items in my ASOS basket.

10. I will stop buying furniture that will look great in my next, much bigger, fantasy home.

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