Public Service Announcement

Yes! I have discovered the cure for Verrucas!!! Nobel prize and all other accolades in the post please.

NB. If you have a weak stomach and have never come across a Verruca don’t read.


Not a lovely topic I know but along with nits, verrucas are definitely one of the plagues of childhood. My little girl goes swimming once a week and I’m pretty sure that she caught hers from walking around the edge of the pool. They aren’t harmful but they can spread really rapidly and they have really creepy looking back roots in the middle and they’re lumpy and ugly and they can be tender and I HATE THEM. Even though I was told they would eventually go away by themselves (takes up to a year!) I became obsessed with ridding my little girl’s formerly flawless feet from hers and it was a combination of advice and the need to cushion the verrucas during dance class that lead me to try Compede Blister stickers on them.

Someone said you need to tape them up with Elephant tape for a month at least to make them go… Another person said you need to file them down. Basically I filed them down (cue much shrieking and wailing) then stuck the Compede stickers on them. Then I noticed that the stickers seemed to mould to her feet and create a second skin that lasted for days. I didn’t give her a bath for a few days at a time (she didn’t seem to mind) and changed the stickers as far apart as possible and within three weeks they were gone! Peeling off the pads, peels off layers of the verrucas too which helps to shrink them. After a while of using blister stickers I found some specific callous ones which covered a few verrucas at a time. At around £4.25 pr packet it’s not a cheap solution but a it’s lot more comfortable than elephant tape and it works! 

I know this looks like some kind of loony sponsored post but honestly it isn’t.

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