Prudent Purchases

So I have successfully not shopped for clothes or shoes for me for nearly an entire month!  Hooray! Unfortunately, as a good friends informs me, I have merely replaced my heroin addiction for methadone, spending wildly on furniture, interior decor and clothes for the kids. Bums. Anyway, these teensy purchases from the amazing Zara Home sale are definitely not at all profligate or frivolous. I feel that the see-saw is levelling. I really do.

Total barg shoe organiser. This has revolutionised the wardrobe floor £9.99!

Just think, while the other mums are sweating over their sewing machines you could simply snap up this ready made sports kit bag for just £4! You couldn’t buy the material for that! Also doubles up as dolls clothes/nappy paraphernalia storage. They had nice boy style ones too with stripes and elephants

And here’s what I didn’t buy… such restraint! Well they are £19.99 and not in the sale. They have ballet pump style soles so I reckon they could be worn outside…

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