Our Bathroom Make-over*

I’m playing catch up here – maybe like a short legged little leaguer but I’m pegging it all the same. Back in October (told you) we were in full on panic packing mode preceding our move from our two bedroom garden flat to a rented house spacious enough to accommodate three kids and two adults without them turning into Godzilla every five minutes (mainly me). We couldn’t sell our lovely flat due to various “issues” with the freeholder and I had been on maternity leave for eons (not mortgage viable, computer says no) so we decided to go down the rental path for a while. For some reason my husband suggested to our new tenants that we would do up the bathroom for them before they moved in. It was pretty bland and soulless it has to be said but it was perfectly serviceable. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!?!”, I seethed for about a week. Well, actually it turned out to be a good idea as we won’t have to do it again later when do we finally sell and it makes the place eminently more rentable if we have to get new tenants in at any point. Doesn’t it darling? Yes darling.


Cue a bathroom make-over that was actually pretty smooth all things considered. We chose the tiles and suite together in relative harmony, found a good plumber and tiler and were pretty pleased with the results. It’s much more polished than anything I would usually go for but it made sense to go for something more sleek and minimal for resale/rental. Also, the space was so tiny and windowless that we needed to make it look as large and empty as possible. We did go a bit crazy with the floor but once we’d found the cheap digital print version of the encaustic tiles we loved we couldn’t resist. My only regret is that I didn’t get to enjoy it before we left. We stayed at my mum’s while it was being done and then moved straight into the new place so there was no chance to style it up with fluffy towels and a succulent or drink wine in the bath! I did do a wee in it though (not the bath). Here is a list of the all various stockists we used and I’ve indulged myself with a bathroom mood board to give myself some closure on the bathroom i never really knew. Sniff! 

Details: Wall tiles around shower Serac from Topps Tiles (these were 30% off at the time so they must get discounted every now and then) Concrete effect tiles on other walls Tekno also from Topps Tiles. Floor tiles were £27.32 p m2 from tilesandbathroomsonline.co.uk. The real deal Fired Earth ones are £224.70 per m2 ! Taps were both from Victoria Plum. Also, just to say the marble tiles lightened up a lot once they dried out. When they’re first laid they look darker.

*Not our bathroom anymore. We have moved into a rented house with a very dated navy blue Victorian bathroom. Watch this space to see my attempts to improve it. Not easy but I’m giving it a go. 

Bathroom Dreaming…


1. Folding Mirror, £175, Cox & Cox We very nearly went for a mirror like this to give the room a softer feel but needed to maximise storage so went for a big Ikea cabinet 2. A loo brush to match the marble tiles. Swanky. Toilet Brush £29.50, Marks & Spencer 3. A Succulent (sorry, this is one from an Australian website but it looked so nice) – some plant life is always a good idea in a bathroom. If you have no windows like us, try a convincing fake one like this£21.50, The Farthing 4. A lovely soap dish to add a splash of colour £12, Anthropologie 5. Love these hand towels £6.99 for two from H&M 6. I have these textured white cotton bath mats £16, The White Company and they always look fresh 7, Grey and mustard always look great together and these Moroccan style towels would add a real touch of luxury. Towels, £6-£28, Anthropologie

Take heart. When you’re bathroom looks like this and smells of poo it will get better!

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