Non Sting Baby Washes

Any child of the seventies will remember how a bar of Imperial Leather could leave your bits smarting for hours. I don’t think it had the same effect on boys but maybe they will recall it going up their noses and causing temporary blindness…

Anyway, I thought the cruel sting of the seventies was over until I started bathing my baby girls. The screams whenever neat soap or body wash went down under took me right back to the chocolate brown bathroom suite of my childhood.

E45 Junior hand and body wash seemed to be tolerated but it was only when I found Yes to Carrots Baby Shampoo and Body Wash £8.99 that bath time became a more relaxed affair. And then, (my bidet floweth over!) I was given a a tube of Green People unscented Baby Wash and Shampoo £6.89 which was a huge hit. Both are excellent for the most delicate young ladies and anyone with sensitive skin. 

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