On the other blog I write for The Motherhood, I made some lovely (if I do say so myself!) rhubarb and orange yoghurt ice-cream as part of the Organix No Junk Challenge. Basically Organix are encouraging families to cook healthily and want to get the government and food industry boffins to reduce chemicals sugar and salt in kids food. Definitely a good thing. I think we make pretty healthy meals as a family but i have to say snacks can be a bit dicey. After school the kids want biscuits, crisps, cakes and a hack at the Easter egg mountain that has hardly even been dented. Yesterday I decided to make a healthy snack platter for the girls and some friends to keep them going before dinner. They looked at me as though I had given then a platter of frogspawn to eat but when they realised nothing else was coming they ate it very happily  –  especially the celery with peanut butter. I will definitely be doing this more often.

If you want to sign the Organix No Junk Pledge click here:


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