Nifty Wall Storage for Kids

These coat peg shelves are the one of the best things I’ve bought for my kids’ room. They hang above the girls’ beds (Don’t hang dangly things over a cot though obv) and really help create little personalised zones – important when kids are sharing a room I think. My husband said they were totally impractical but actually you can store loads of hangy bits and bobs on them that you can’t put anywhere else. Drawstring bags full of dolls clothes and Sylvanians, saxophones, handbags, feather boas, tennis rackets, hats and more handbags – you get the picture. You can also use the top shelf to display treasured items that you don’t want to get broken just yet. I bought mine in junk shops for not too much money but you can also buy new ones on line if you’re a bit Billy Bob Thornton about old stuff.

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