New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, yawn, yawn, New Year’s resolutions are boring. Especially other people’s. But what better place to commit to a list than on your own blog? I’ve pledged to do a lot of these things before but maybe this will be my year…

1) Tidy out every crap filled handbag and shopper in the house ( 8 at last count)

2) Build Storage in bedroom to accommodate clothes mountain

3) Finish Novel 

4) Do more homework with the kids

5) Arrange more play dates for the kids

6) Learn to drive. 

7) Get feet in order

8) Be much tidier and able to find things in the flat without going into melt-down

9) Exercise at least once a week. This will probably be a quick chog (chat n jog) with my chogging pal but better than nowt.

And the bombshell:

10) Give up shopping for clothes and shoes for the entire duration of 2013. Nil by basket. Cold Turkey. No. More. Shopping. Feel sick, have the sweats… Why am I doing this?! Because I can’t shut any of my drawers, see my floor for shoes and I NEED TO STOP. Buying new stuff every week is insane and I need to save for college funds, holidays, fitted wardrobes and hair dye. From now on, it’s bare necessities i.e. toiletries, essential stuff for the kids and home improvement only.

PS I bought the towels in the previous post before midnight in 2012 and they are technically a home improvement.


This has got to stop.

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