New Year Nits

We are like a family of primates combing and picking over each other’s fur at the moment. Yes, we got the cooties and we got them bad! I suppose we are pretty lucky to have escaped them up until now but zoiks, finding fully formed insects feeding on your child’s head and then realising your own scalp feels like it has been dipped in red ants and paper cuts is no fun at all. 

So far we have tried a concoction of Tea Tree oil and olive oil  – this didn’t work. Dousing our heads in Listerine (original formula with no sugar)  – this does seem to work (!) and rigorous, systematic combing with a Nitty Gritty Comb – which is amazing! 

When I was a kid, my mum had a metal nit comb that my brother and I hated so much we hid it under the corner of the hall-way carpet. It is probably still there. The Nitty Gritty comb is much more friendly and doesn’t seem to hurt at all unless daddy accidentally clips your ear with it. I paid £11 something for ours but have just seen you can get it on the Nitty Gritty site for just £6.70 at the moment. I highly recommend it.


FYI Jason Donavon says he just can’t get by without a Nitty Gritty and Jonathan Ross is a huge fan. Oh yes and don’t forget Nits like nice clean hair the most. Oh and the itching can carry on for three weeks even after all the lousy louses have gone! Great.

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