My Mini MOT

Wrinkles and age spots and greys OH MY! Time to take action…

The last two years have been the most ageing years of my life. Obviously I am the oldest I’ve ever looked because I AM the oldest I’ve ever been (and yes, I know that is a blessing in itself) but man, oh man the process has definitely sped up recently. I’m identifying a year and a half of baby broken sleep, trying to get work done late at night and not really looking after my skin (read: uses shower gel to wash face on a regular basis) as the major culprits. 

Now that I am finally getting some sleep and the milky haze of tiredness is clearing *clutches lucky paw*, I’ve been throwing my parched, wrinkled skin regular pity parties in the bathroom mirror and gasping at the zillion extra threads of grey in my roots. Add to that the regular clobberings I’ve been receiving from my infant son (two black eyes and a split lip that resulted in an trauma lump that had to be removed by surgery) I’ve felt more squeezed out than a tube of Cilla Black’s toothpaste ( Can’t think of any contemporary people with big teeth so feel free to insert more relevant alternatives here. God Bless Cilla). Time to play Cher songs and hold back the hands of time.

Step 1. Book a Facial at The Light Salon


At the depths of my skin woes I was invited to try an Express LED Light Facial at the The Light Salon in Harvey Nichols. Cue harp music and grateful sobbing. I have to admit I was a bit scared about lights being beamed at my face through something that looks like a hair dye processor but I did some reading up on the treatment and it sounded amazing and I really liked the fact it’s a super quick treatment that gives an instant boost, meaning that I could drop my son with my mum, have the facial and be back before her blood pressure was on the ceiling. I had an introductory session that lasted 15 minutes (cost £35) and was really impressed with the results as well as how ‘up’ I felt afterwards. Apparently one of the side effects of this treatment is a mood boost! Bonus! The treatment consists of a thorough cleanse and exfoliate, a session under the LED lights which flash continually for 11 minutes (you can wear an eye mask if this annoys you) and is followed by a heavenly face massage and moisturise. I genuinely thought my skin looked a lot more glowy and less line ridden than before the treatment but the real benefits are cumulative, with 10 treatments over a fortnight recommended for serious results. There is also a blue LED treatment that targets acne and congested skin that I hear people swear by. 


Here I am recording my latest album.  Okay, here I am under the LED lights which helps boost collagen production, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


My face post treatment. It looks a lot better than it did before trust me. The positive effects of the facial last up to three days if you have just one session. Would thoroughly recommend. I’m booking my next session with some friends so we can have a nice afternoon and a glass of something (green juice, not) together. 

Step 2. See a Hairdresser

Next on my list of de-aging treatments was a Kerastase Touche Chromatique treatment and a blow dry from a very understanding man who didn’t flinch when I told him my hair was eighty percent boot polish (root touch up) and the water *might* not run clear when he washed it. Having not made it to the hairdressers for around eight months my hair was looking very brassy and unflattering where the colour had gone sort of orange so I was given a Touch Chromatique treatment in Cool Brown which is mixed in with Kerastase Masque Chromatique and left on to enhance and tone your existing colour/dye. You can choose from different shades to either enhance your colour or tone down and neutralise any brass or yellow tones and the idea is to use it at home to prolong and enhance your colour in between dying it. Sounds like a great plan! I will try to remember to book myself in for a home treatment when I’ve remembered to book myself in for a salon session with my hairdresser who probably thinks I have left her by now. 


Sorry. More of my face with some make-up this time and no I won’t show you my three inch grey roots. Again, this hair looks 100% better than it did pre-treatment! Unflattering orange tones are significantly reduced! And yes I am going to get my haircut before it eats me.

Step 3. Make Time for Good Skincare

A huge part of feeling better about my skin was committing to a regular and nurturing skincare regime. Like Duh! I hear you say. But having been so tired that groping for the wipes on my bedside table felt like a Herculean effort the thought of this earlier in the year was laughable. And anyway, I had lost all my creams on a camping trip. Make that, couldn’t remember which wash bag i’d put them in and then moved house…

I am currently using Aurelia Probiotic skincare (two weeks and counting) and I LOVE it. My skin is usually super dry and these products are so cosseting, rich and creamy with all-natural ingredients and the most gorgeous smells. They really make each cleanse and moisturise feel like a mini treatment every time you use them. I use the Miracle Cream Cleanser which you wash off with a muslin a bit like Eve Lom but not as sticky and doesn’t smell like a pet shop, followed by the serum and then either the day or night cream. I feel so uplifted by the essential oils and the ritual of using them and I definitely see smoother, happier skin. I will not be taking these products camping. Ooh, unless someone gets me the travel kit for my birthday! Hint, hint! Other products that I really like and that do make a difference to my skin are Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream and Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Moisturising Balm which is definitely for very dry skin.


FYI: The treatments above were gifted to me by PR’s who felt deep pity for my ravaged hair and face. I am however extremely fussy about what treatments I have and what products I write about so please know that these are genuinely positive reviews and are things that I would and will be splurging on in the future.

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