My Joolz Buggy Review


Leaving a five year gap between babies means A. Your memory bank played a cruel trick on you and made you think it would all be a breeze this time B. You feel completely ancient and C. Your buggy has been in the cellar for so long it stinks of mildew and is now home to 22 spiders and a moth colony. I was dreading dragging the old buggy out of the cellar not just because of its new inhabitants but because after two children it was frankly pretty knackered. We spent an absolute blinking fortune on it but the spokes in the hood were constantly sliding out (this actually started during baby no.1) and the hood kept falling off altogether. The chassis had gone so that the carry cot rocked back and forth quite alarmingly and it had such a complicated folding mechanism I dreaded every journey not to mention trying how to explain how to dismantle it over the phone to very ariated in-laws…

Amazingly (I do count my lucky stars), Dutch buggy company Joolz spared me the pain of venturing down the cellar stairs and offered me a gorgeous spanking new Joolz Geo buggy to trial and I have to say I am over the moon with it. All the niggles I experienced with my old buggy are non existent. It looks so sleek (our wheels gets many compliments), it is SO easy to fold I was leaping about with joy the first time I did it and it folds flat so it is really easy to store. The Joolz is also very easy to steer, and it feels reassuringly sturdy. I would say it isn’t as light weight as some buggies on the market but I actually prefer the feeling that it is a proper piece of roadworthy kit that will keep my baby safe and won’t tip with the shopping in it and a few coats on the handle. Most of all, I love all the carefully considered details that the very clever Joolz people have thought of to help make life that little bit less frantic.

Here are the features I LOVE:

1. The hood is high creating a lovely sense of space around your passenger and it’s really sturdy and easy to pull up and down without it getting dislodged  The hood also has handy loops inside it which are perfect for hanging toys from.

2. You can pull up the base of the hood to reveal a mesh that lets a breeze run through in summer and gives another angle to gaze at your baby’s head from

3. There is a secret pocket just inside the hood that you can store dummies, keys, snacks, purse – anything that you are guaranteed to lose otherwise.

4.This is a little stow pod where the rain cover lives so you never ever lose it. Unless you forget to put it back and leave it drying in your friend’s bathroom. I would never do that.

5. This is one of the My Joolz’s best features. It has so much shopping/coat/picnic/terrifyingly large junk modelling project from school space and the front pulls down for easy access.

6. This handle is adjustable to meet the needs of teeny tiny people and super tall people. 

7. The bumper bar can be undone from both sides so it’s easy to pick junior up no matter which side you are standing or if the buggy is in a hallway. You can also personalise (jazz hands!) this bar! You can order a selection of colours (i’m thinking turquoise) and have the name of your baby embossed across it.


Me out and about with my Joolz. Please don’t tell anyone I bought the boots and the poncho from my previous post. Relapse.


Junior enjoying the ride. We are ordering a personalised bumper bar for Christmas!


The rain cover which fits on like a glove with no flappy bits so that the rain and wind really don’t get in. 

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