Mums Big Night Out

The mums were on the run last night. Designer Fashion Outlet McArthur Glen threw a super glam party at Morton’s to kick of Fashion Month. Co-host Laura Bailey, model Portia Freeman, the ACTUAL Toni Collette and me (Yes I know! Out in town midweek!) were all a mingling and a quaffing. Actually, I had to hand back a vodka cocktail which was so strong it tasted like nail polish remover. I managed to grab a chat with my major style crush Laura Bailey who was absolutely lovely. Sadly, I was so mesmerised by her amazing matchy, matchy dotty outfit I failed to ask her anything intelligent whatsoever. She did however compliment me on my outfit (Swoon) and my phone case (Trill!). Yes, I am a shallow flibbertygibbet. The main draw of the night was a set from singer Delilah who I had never heard of but turned out to be incredible. At last I am in the know about a hot new singer before everyone else in the world. Yesss! 

Toni Collette – Random but brilliant!

Model Portia Freeman – married to a Kook

Laura Bailey in Kusama for Louis Vuitton and Prada shoes

Me and LB!

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