March Shopping Abstinence

I fell off. The no siree, I’m not shopping wagon went over a particularly nasty rut and I was catapulted deep into the mire of shopping sin. Ashamed is not the word. Seriously, I do feel surprisingly bad about this. However, I did sell some stuff on e-bay so I’ve decided not to wear the cilice anymore. I bought the Ganni shoes and the ASOS trousers that I was so proud of not buying last month. Love the shoes but the trousers are too baggy and make me look very huge of hip. Unfortunately my three year old blew her nose on my leg while I was trying them on so I can’t send them back. Serves me right. Here are the things I DIDN"T buy this month though. Wince, wince, simper.


1) NWS by Hobbs Jacket, £129, Totes adorbs, love it. But wait! Hang on, the actual jacket isn’t nearly as nice as the pic from the press day. Hate it when that happens. Soz.

2) Girl. by Band of Outsiders Top £245, Just discovered this label and would like to buy entire collection

3) Girl. by Band of Outsiders Trousers, £210 Would buy these over the top but look how pretty they are together.

4)Topshop chambray blazer £100 Perfect summer jacket. 

5) Hobbs silver sandals £129 Look like shoes my mum used to wear and come in gorgeous mint green suede too. 

So, now that I see the jacket from Hobbs isn’t quite as nice as I thought it would be I think in reality I would have just bought the Hobbs shoes and the Topshop jacket -the trousers would remain a dream. That’s a saving of £229 this month. God, I was mad! This is really good therapy seeing it all written down…

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