Making Cherry-Plum Jam

We’ve got a cherry plum tree that overhangs our fence and it was laden with fruit this year. We decided to make jam and preserves with the kids and they couldn’t have been more excited! All those chapters of Little House on the Prairie I’ve forced them to endure must have sunk in. We used a recipe from Twelve, A Tuscan Cook Book by Tessa Kiros that didn’t have crazy amounts of sugar in it. I couldn’t believe how quick it was to make. Once I realised I’d misread the water quantity (ahem) we were right on track and we had jam within an hour of picking! Now the girls only want plum jam on toast for breakfast. Foodie daddy then made Plum preserves that we’re planning on eating with ice-cream sooner rather than later.

Catching the fruit – I am up the ladder wildly swinging at plums with a rake.

Weighing out the plums.

The plums sliced and de-stoned. Bigger plums need to be cut into quarters.

Too much water – had to drain some off. Oops.

Ta-da! Plum jam and plums in syrup. Must make some nice labels…

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