Make Your Home a Haven

I went to this lecture by Dr Tieraona Low Dog the other day. (No, she is not a talking Daschund she is a real life, super clever woman) She swears by an anti-inflammatory diet and keeping stress levels low for a healthy mind and body. I did toy with the idea of giving up chocolate puddings and alcohol for life but thought heeding her wise words on keeping a calm and tranquil home would be a more realistic goal. Lowdog’s advice? Create a relaxed environment by burning soothing candles and playing soft classical music. Well, it’s a start. These are my three summer candle picks that will give you a lift whatever the weather. Definitely something to put on the birthday wish list.

Neom Happiness Home Candle, £39.50 This fragranced my whole room with White Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon even before I lit it. The smell is so fresh and uplifting. I love it!

Diptyque Baies Candle, £38 A classic, clean scent that smells all blackcurrenty and very sophisticated

Miller Harris La Fumee, £36 Such a pretty looking candle described as a dramatic arrangement of citrus, spice, smoke and wood. Quite a sultry one in fact.

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