Mad Hatter’s Tea

When Granny announced that she had booked us in for a Mad Hatter’s tea at the super chic Sanderson Hotel in London I have to confess I was a little worried.  Worried for her bank balance, worried for her sanity and worried for the guests of The Sanderson. I envisaged uber manicured women clutching at their clutches and screaming “Hayelp! Who unleashed the childerbeasts?!”. I need not have worried. Well, not quite so much. Only a few strained glances (admittedly this could have been a surgical side effect) and lots and lots of lovely friendly faces not least from the head waiter who pushed the girls on the hanging swing and spoiled them with extra cakes and silly stories. The tea itself was wonderful with Alice in Wonderland themed cakes and sandwiches, ‘drink me’ drinks and a ballerina jewellery box that served as a sugar bowl. It was magical. Thanks for being so brilliantly mad Granny.

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