Lust List #987

Yes it’s another lust list. I wish I could just un-see these things and not want them anymore but I can’t and I doooooo. 


1. Natalie Dress, $379 (they ship), Carolina K 2. Monogram Basket, £150, Rae Feather 3. Floral Ruffle Bikini top (great for boosting a bust) £14.99, H&M 4. Bikini Bottoms, £7.99, H&M 5. Jewelled Sandals, £38, Warehouse


Dress Detail – you see it could be breast feeding dress so that would actually make it a practical purchase…


And there’s more…

1. Quilted Jacket, £49.99, Mango 2. Cherry Basket (yes, another basket!), £89, Plumo 3. Shirt Dress, £39.99, Mango 4. Raja Beaded Hoops, £28, Anthropologie  5. Lille Lace-up Point, £89.99, Boden (might have bought these already) 6. Honeycomb Ring, £6.00, ASOS

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