Love Tokens

Valentine’s day is only for cheesy mugs who get engaged on that date and like to commemorate that snotty, happy day with heart shaped toast and flowers. Yup. That’s us. Truly sorry. The kids like to get involved too, so they all get cards in the morning and heart shaped biscuits for tea. These may or may not be bought. They are bought.

For years I’ve compiled ludicrously expensive Valentine gift guides for magazines, solely intended for a Tamara Ecclestone sized bank balance, but I’m going to try to keep it real here. Any of these gifts (all under £20!! except for the cups which are frankly overpriced but I didn’t check the price before I put them into the collage and now I’m too tired to change the collage) on top of a bunch of tulips will be the swirly whirly icing on the cake.

For Valentines, Galentines and you.

1.Kiss Kiss Tea Cups, £30, Anthropologie 2. Ladybird print PJ’s, £17.99, H&M 3. Hair pin, £4.50, Accessorize 4. Chocolate Bar of Chocolate Bars, from €8, Alain Ducasse (he has a shop in Coal Drops Yard) 5. You look Lovely Today Pouch, £20, Alphabet Bags  6. Enamel Lips pin badge, £6.95, Liberty 7. Love that Burns Candle, £18, The Conran Shop 8. Cheeky sale blouse, £15, Topshop Cards 1. 2. 3. from £4.95, all Liberty
Meri Meri are the best for Valentine table decor. Perfect for a themed breakfast or tea. See above and below.

Oh go on. Here’s a ludicrously expensive Valentine shoe to coo over.

Suede and leather sandal, £475, Malone Souliers, Matches  Who knew rock climbing rope could be so sexy?

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