Kristin Needs a Sling!

Slings are fantastic. In fact, I would call them an essential buy. I actually used a sling much more than a pram in my babies’ first months. I love the closeness they give while still letting you use your hands and allowing you to move through crowded places with ease. I tried a fabric strip style sling initially but am such a malco I always ended up with a baby under my armpit or dangling round my knees. The Baby Bjorn ‘Active’ sling (as modeled by Beyonce and Blue Ivy) came to my rescue. Designed with a lumbar support, baby’s weight is evenly distributed so you don’t get sore shoulders after five minutes. Wee babies face inwards and snuggle up to your chest and older babies who don’t need neck support can face outwards for a better view. When my daughter got too big for the Bjorn a friend introduced me to the super comfy Ergo sling (as modeled by Orlando and Flynn) which makes light work of carrying a toddler by distributing the weight on your hips. Baby can ride facing your chest or on your back and there is a handy sun shade flap that gives head support when it’s time for a snooze. There is also a pad insert you can buy to adapt the sling for carrying new babies. Both slings are excellent but the Ergo will serve you longer. Go on Kristin, let Gemma Rose have a go! 

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