Kim ‘n Kanye have announced that a baby Kermit/Krystal is on its way! This gives me the perfect excuse to revel in all the Krazily bling and overpriced designer items that they are probably paper bagging over right now. Actually, I kind of like the Marc Jacobs stuff. Mouse shoes! 

1.) Little Darlings Ivory Duke Silk Sailor Suit £105.50 2.) LittleMarc Jacobs vest and mouse shoes £53.20 (reduced from £76) 3.) Elodie Details metallic gold dummy £24.95 4.) Fendi Mary Janes £44.50 (reduced from £89) 5.) Dior glass baby bottle (with holder) £59.95 at  6.) Young Versace bib £27.20 7.) Roberto Cavalli jacket £289 reduced from £459 at

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