It’s Sleep Week on The Mumday Timezzzzzz

Is sleep the Holy Grail? Do you fantasise about uninterrupted slumber? Have you been know to breastfeed into a cot just to get your baby to sleep? Do you hiss like an alley cat if someone clangs a saucepan 2 floors down from your wakeful child? This was me. These days my girls sleep well and the days when I obsessed over sleeping patterns and poured over sleep solution books are over – or so I thought. My 2 year old is going through a bit of a non sleepy phase at the moment and it has taken me right back to the olden days when I went through the complete body shock of waking three times a night to feed. Well, maybe not quite that bad but the sharpened memory of those sleep deprived months is definitely the best birth control EVER. Both my girls were bad sleepers – way beyond the 6 month period and they didn’t really like sleeping during the day either! With this in mind I am dedicating this week to the topic of sleep, how to get it, how to compensate for lack of it and how to survive a lack of it. 

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