In Praise of Nuk

When you’ve breast fed your way through 163 episodes of Loose Women, a whole 6 series of Columbo and a few sneaky Jeremy Kyles not to mention those endless, woozy nights, you get to the point where you want to express yourself. Sing it. Then you spend ages hooked up to a chugging machine, pour forth your precious yield into a bottle only for baby to say no thanks awfully much mummy dear. Bang goes that extra few hours of shut eye or trip to the cinema, or that first tentative step into a wine bar with the girls. I tried every single bottle going and couldn’t coax baby No1 to take one until I finally tried a Nuk. Alleluia! I’m sure some babies don’t like any kind of bottles but I have a met a lot who do get converted by a Nuk. The teat is supposed to be shaped like a proper nipple (I would be quite disturbed if mine were that shape…) and come in silicone and latex – some babies prefer one over the other. You can also turn the bottles into soft spout sucky cups when you want to move from bottle to cup. I would recommend them highly.

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