Ice Skating Mania


Have I ever mentioned that my two daughters are destined to become Olympic Ice skating champions? No? Well, if I haven’t it’s only because I can’t get a word in edgewise while my Father in Law jabbers on about what amazing little whirling Torvilles they are. He takes them skating twice a week and then makes them do stretching exercises in the kitchen like those insanely bendy Russian gymnast children you see. If he could, I think he’d make them wear leather belts and do bench presses. I just keep chopping the veg and wondering if I really should intervene.

Anyway, as a special treat for Gramps and to avoid going to see The Snowman for the 5th year in a row (I actually fell asleep and dribbled last year) I have just booked Christmas tickets to Disney On Ice Dare to Dream at the O2! And to think the only thing I’ve ordered on ice before was a G&T. Boom Tish.


Our new holiday home.

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