Help Baby Sleep

If sleep is still the holy grail ( I used to breast feed my eldest into a cot so that she wouldn’t wake up if I moved her post feed and I once burst into tears of rage when a friend told me her baby slept from 7pm and had to be WOKEN at 8am) you might want to try this little gadget. I didn’t buy mine until my daughter was one so I can’t guarantee it will work on tiny babies but it has definitely been an asset to our household. It can be attached to the cot and plays a choice of three different lullabies while projecting sweet little bugs and butterflies onto the ceiling. My toddler loves it and often drifts off to sleep watching her own little light show. I’ve had to put it free standing on the floor now as she started tampering with it in the night (monkey).You can find the Tomy Starlight Dreamshow on Amazon for £11.93 precisely at the moment. Who knows? It could work!

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