Glad Tidings

My brother is getting married! To a lovely, lovely lady who my girls adore/are obsessed with. So happy for them, they make such a lovely couple yada-yada-yada… Finally, I AM THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDESMAIDS!!! Finally I can wallow in lace taffeta, velvet capes, ballet slippers, posies… Watch out for posts on bridesmaid dresses, wedding outfits and tiaras galore. Humour me. it’s been a long time coming.


I would like to say a special thank you to my eldest daughter who showed no subtlety in expressing her enthusiasm for the match and represented her family’s sentiments so succinctly while they outwardly blushed and  inwardly cheered and fist-punched. Bravo. Addagirl. Youthegirl. Whoop.

Genuine comments exchanged between daughter, her uncle and his future wife

UNCLE: What more could an uncle give his niece for Christmas?

NIECE: An Auntie

NIECE: “I think Lindsey would be such a great mummy. Don’t you? I think she is the next best mummy to my mummy. Or she would be…

UNCLE: “I’m afraid we can’t come to your party because we’re going to a wedding and we won’t be back on time. “ NIECE: “Your wedding?! Are you getting married? Can we come? Yayyyyy!!!”

NIECE: "I wish you were part of our family. I love you.“

Neice begins to refer to Uncle’s girlfriend as Auntie at all times in the six months leading up to their engagement.


Pictures from divine flower girl dress designer 


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