Gifts for your Mama #1

All any mother really wants on Mother’s day is a bunch of daffs, a home made card or even just a phone call. Any extras would of course be MUCH appreciated…

1. What price a hot bath and the promise of sleep?💤 Sleep Night-Time Bath Oil, £25, Bloom & Blossom 2. Do people buy shoes for Mother’s Day? No. But they should! Or at least a voucher… Denim ankle-wrap flats, £138, J. Crew  3. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. A gorgeous tome to browse and leave around the place looking decorative. Who I Am by Charlotte Rampling, £10.39, Amazon (I’ve accidentally pictured the French version. Je suis désolé.) 4. A cute eye mask with a lie-in voucher would go down well in our house. Silk Sleep Mask with lavender, £20, not 5. I love this bracelet! Lockets galore to fill with pictures and messages! Locket Charm Toggle Bracelet, £8.00, ASOS 6. There’s something so pleasing about these MAMA clutches. How about one of these with a nail polish or a spa voucher inside? Never underestimate the power of gift layering. Mama Clutch, £45, Jem + Bea

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