From Cot to Bed

Yikes! How did the time fly so fast?  I have clung on to the cot for longer than I did with my first little one. Daughter no 2 is more of a monkey and I worried that she would try to escape every five minutes. Now, at two and a half I have finally dismantled our trusty Mothercare cot and swapped it for a pretty, white Minnen extendable bed from Ikea to match big sister’s. I would have hung onto the cot for longer but stooping over it and reaching in to pick up my none too slight toddler was playing havoc with my wrists and back. So far, she hasn’t actually climbed out of her new bed but she has been calling out for me a lot more than usual. Maybe she’s unsettled, maybe it’s the heat. The bed is on it’s smallest setting so it’s a similar size to a cot bed which is good because all my fitted sheets still fit it. Unfortunately, my daughter is not allowed to grow longer than the bed or we will have to move or get bunk-beds which I am not at all fond of (feel overbearing in a small room, hard to get access to top child if they are sick, no snuggling up for story time). I hadn’t expected to feel so emotional about this change, but I have been a little wet of eye realising that my bubba is growing up. Silly I know. 

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