Free Goodie Bag Idea

Goodie bags are getting more and more expensive and if you’re inviting the whole class to junior’s do you can end up spending a fortune and that’s on top of all the other prizes you have to buy. A gift in every layer of pass the parcel!? Didn’t happen in my day. Anyway, for my daughter’s 6th birthday party I made a little colouring book for all the kids and it went down really well. I did a colour in your class theme which I admit was more taxing than I thought. What if I didn’t get little Molly’s nose right – would little Molly’s mum and dad get the hump? If you can’t draw for toffee, you could print out images from the internet and then photocopy (preferably at work when nobody is looking) and then staple into a booklet. If you really wanted to push the boat out you could give away cheap packets of crayons with them. I think a home made colouring book, crayons and a slice of cake would make a very lovely parting gift without a hint of austerity.

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