Four Monsoon Blouses I NEED

Remember that chunky lace Monsoon blouse with the flouncy collar and cuffs that every fashion journalist and blogger in the upper hemisphere owned last spring? Well, it’s as if Monsoon have laid down their own lace trimmed gauntlet and challenged themselves to be THE high street blouse destination forevermore. The original chunky lace shirt called the Lacey Victoriana is still available and look at theses beauties! I want them all! Especially the flouncey one with the high neck detail. Oh, wait…

1. Briar Lace Shirt, £59, Monsoon Love the bold flower motif and the frilly tux detail.

2. Ariel Blouse, £59, Monsoon Very Isabel Marant Etoile. Perfect with jeans.

3. Nareena Dobby Top, £45, Monsoon A little bit Disco a little bit Dodo Bar Or… Great for dressing up or down.

4. Charlotte Rose Lace Top, £59, Monsoon Gorgeous vintage feel that makes me think of Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth, which is never a bad thing.


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