February Abstinence

My daily battle with shopping addiction continues. So far I have been strong and stuck to my no shopping for clothes for a whole year resolution. I’ve overcome the gnawing in my stomach, the palpitations and the rage and haven’t added a single, teensy wisp of a thing to my basket. If only I didn’t have to look at clothes all the time for my job! It is literally torture! I am thinking of changing the rules so that I can buy something for the equivalent price of an item I sell on e-bay. Is that OK? Please?


1) Gola Liberty Print High Tops £65, ASOS You may have noticed I like a Liberty print 2) Chinti & Parker Cashmere jumper £350 It feels like I have been lusting over this forever 3) Ganni, suede pumps, £120 ASOS These are the shoes that could break me. They would go with everything this Spring/Summer! 4) Boutique by Jaeger shift dress £99, Navy blue with flocked polka dots. Heaven. 5) ASOS Loafers, £32 So crisp and white and fresh 6) ASOS High waisted trousers £40, Love these.

Being realistic I probably would have only bought the trousers, the suede pumps and the polka dot dress and just repeatedly hovered over the rest so that is a saving of £259 this month.

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