There’s been a lot of debate (at least on Radio 4 – what is pop music?) about M&S falling behind in the credible style stakes. Well, in the fashion equivalent of a Cato style Karate chop, M&S have socked us in the solar plexus with the news that the woman who has never put a Mary Jane toe/grosgrain ribbon tied pony tail wrong, Alexa Chung will be collaborating with them on a 31 piece collection that will debut in April!!! According to M&S “Customers can register their interest at www.marksandspencer.com/alexachung to receive further information and updates about the collaboration prior to the launch.” But will there be a helpline if it sells out too fast?


A teeniest peek of a blouse from the collection. Actually, here she looks quite like D’Artagnan. I now want to be a Musketeer.

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