Domestic Enigmas

(yes I DO need to get out of the house)

1) Why does my hoover give off sick fumes? I have never to my knowledge vacuumed vom.

2) When I am tidying, why do I always find at least six loose screws? Is my house about to fall apart at any given moment? Are they a physical manifestation of my own rattling rivets?

3) Where do all the crumbs in the cutlery drawer COME from? 

4) Why do fitted sheets shrink to half their size after one wash so that you have to hook them over the corners of your bed using your feet and the entire strength of your legs? Does work though. Might do a youtube of that…

5) Is there such a thing as the tidy gene? Should I hold out until they’re available on the internet?


Incredible. Go on, hoover up those loose screws.

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