DIY Christmas Wreathe


Last Christmas was crap. Sewage rose up through our cellar floor and made the whole flat stink. Rats came in through a grill that had been left off the side of the building by a repairman (Husband) and ate the Christmas decorations that had been stored in the pooey cellar. We put down poison to kill the rats who then duly died in an inaccessible area under our bedroom floor and started to give off a rotten stench which would go on to last three months. Then we had to give our bed away (long story) and sleep on a blow up mattress in the room thick with rat and then I did my back in. As I sat hunched at the Christmas table, my father in law forcing everyone to play Just a Minute and then getting very cross when people didn’t show enough enthusiasm or alacrity I remember thinking, THIS IS NOT FUN.


Wreathe 1 made with star and cone garland from Cox&Cox (updated with glitter by me) and another fake leaf garland from local shop

This Christmas is going to be different. I am like Will Ferrell in Elf loving every shiny bauble, guzzling mince pies and getting so into the Christmas spirit that other people are finding it charmingly nauseating. I have made the garden office into a grotto, bought a ceiling grazing tree and made two Christmas wreathes! I am very happy.

Here’s my recipe for a quick and easy DIY wreath:

Purchase a small Hula Hoop from Ironmonger. Mine cost £2.50.

Wrap Hula Hoop in a strip of hessian fabric and secure with double sided tape. I got my sack fabric for £1.50 a metre at a craft shop last year but you could use thick brown paper instead. 

Tie evergreen leaves to hoop with garden wire and then decorate with baubles or wrap with a Christmas garland. 

Attach long ribbon and tie to door or mirror or wall. 

(you could buy a jumbo hula hoop and make a massive statement wreathe!)


Wreathe 2 made with garden leaves including Rosmary and another Cox & Cox garland (£11.63) again updated with bronze and gold glitter.


I am now going to have to make a third one for the front door! 

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