Christmas Gifts for Tinies, Tweens and Teens

Presents for Childerbeasts, big and small…

For Tinies 


1.Unicorn Hat, £52, Oeuf NYC 2. All you need for Christmas is Peace & Love, Embroidered Sweater, £46, Tootsa 3. Organic Cotton Wash mitt set, £23.50, Liewood, Little Green Home 4. Baby Romper, £30, Scamp & Dude 5. Non scary science. Wooden Robot, £25, Bobby Rabbit 6. Pack everything in here! This will be used for years. Suitcase, £59, Olli Ella 7. Love these baby bewitching monochrome drawings with bursts of colour so much I’ll forgive the American spelling, Birds of Color, £6.94, Amazon 8. Baby shawl, £54.95, The Bonnie Mob 9. Jellycat Fluffy Cloud, £17.95, Harrods 10. Love the print on this vintage style all-in-one, £65, Caramel 11. Cute Boots! Les Lutins Booties, £51, Smallable

For Medium Sized Children

1. Smashing chocolate. Choc slab with hammer, £19.90, Mathilde de Comptoir, The Conran Shop 2. For the insanely wealthy or the insane…but it is AMAZING! Indoor Football table, £3,250, The Conran Shop 3. Glow in the dark stars, £4.95, Rex London 4. Grrrreat wall art. Embroidered Lion Face, £44, Aro For Kids 5. Lie Detector Test, £12.95, Rex London 6. Quentin Blake’s illustrated version of the Classic. The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton (Deluxe Edition), £13, Polar Post 7. A design classic and a joy to ride! Swifty IXI Scooter, £349, Swifty Scooters 8. For snoozy travellers. Travel Pillow, £22, ban. do. 9. A mini statement chair for junior LLB’s Peacock chair £200, Honey Rocks 10. Flying saucer sweatshirt, £49, Mini Rodini, alexandalexa

Teens and Tweens – sorry I can’t tell the difference these days…

1. Witty, motivational pencils to make them want to write. Maybe? £9,Ban. do 2. Wash Bag, £18, Ban. d3. Hello fruity pie! Pineapple Mirror, £44, Smallable 4. For young events planners, Cordially Invited by Zoe Sugg, £10, Amazon 5. Ooh I want this print, £130, Scout Editions. 6. My 12 year old wants this kit… Pretty Useful Tools, £25, Dot Maison  7. A lovely woolly jumper that they can wear to please the olds on Boxing day,22.99, Mango  8.  For pencils or hot chocolate, Smiley Mug, £12.50 Ban. do

1. Keep them cosy at night, Hot Water Bottle, £35, Boden 2. Incredible, educational drawings that will mesmerise, if you cover all the screens with dust sheets, Animalium £12.64, Amazon 3. For making their mark. Wax and Seal set, £4, Hema 4. Clever cleansing products designed for tween/teen skin, from £13, Spots & Stripes 5. Because anything that makes them look like Marty McFly is a good idea, Gilet, £80- £95, Tommy Hilfiger, John Lewis 6. Teach them about Vinyl and slow down the music output… GPO Attache Record Player £59.95, Cuckooland 7. Plants they can’t kill. Set of 3 Faux Succulents, £18, Next 8. Never too early to plan that gap year… Globe, £69, Beyond the Stork 9. Art for the pit of despair, Green Peace and Stars Print, from £60, Dandy Star


Stocking Fillers 

1. Pom Pom hair grips, £8, Meri Meri 2. This is actually therapy and our kids loved putting it together and playing with it. Make your own farm £17.28, Amazon 3. Roll this up and stuff it in (I couldn’t fit it on the other pages) Tiger Stripe Cardigan, £15 -£19, Next 4. Obsessed with these Christmas stamps, £14.50 Scout Editions. 5. For little explorers, £24.95 Olli Ella 6. Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book, £4.31, Amazon  7. Still the cutest teddy ever in my book, £24.95, Jellycat 8. Animal headphones, £14.93, Amazon 9. It growls and clings Fingerling Dinosaur, £25, alexandalexa 10. House Gift bag, £12.95 Scandiborn

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