Calpol App Launches

I’m no drug pusher. In fact, I’m known as a bit of a hippy dippy when it comes to remedies by some friends, (I have a tube of arnica in my medicine cabinet, oh, yes.) but I’ve thanked my lucky stars I’ve had a bottle of Calpol to hand on more scary, temperature soaring nights than I care to remember. When my kids have been really poorly or chewing their cot spokes with teething pain it has been invaluable. As a major patron, I was very interested to hear that the Calpol people have gone all modern and launched an app that gives advice on symptoms (audio style if you are super tired), a dosage diary, a pharmacy/hospital locator and a soothing lullabye player. It is designed to be used with one hand so you can hold baby in the other.  The new CALPOL®app for the iPhone is free and available for download now from the App store. Definitely one to have alongside instagram and shazam.

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