Beach Babes

Sunshine? WHERE ARE YOU? Cooeeeee! Not here, but if you’re lucky enough to be escaping this sunforsaken isle you may want to think about buying some new beach kit for the kids. When you do finally feel the sun on your skin, try to remain composed. Don’t baste yourself in baby oil and shout “For the love of god fry me baby!”. Calmly apply your sun protection and put the kids in rash vests to keep them happy as sandboys. My kids love their light weight Sunuva rash vests which block out 97% of the sun’s harmful rays and can be teamed with matching UV protection swimwear. The designs are really cute and the vests mean slightly less time chasing the little blighters with suncream (you still need to apply cream to any exposed bits!) and a little more time soaking up the rays.

From 6 months to 12yrs Vests are £36

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