Baby’s First Haircut

Sadly, my son’s very first haircut was nothing to do with the chic powder blue leather seats and mesmerising aquarium above and was all to do with me chasing him round the sitting room with a pair of orange handled kitchen scissors, making enough horizontal snips and jabs to give him a hugely unflattering Friar Tuck. He was blissfully unaware of this awkward, clerical hair phase but friends and family would gasp and then laugh hysterically when they saw him and I started to put him in a hat. At all times. Fortunately and very serendipitously we were asked to review a junior haircut at one stop kids shop Trotters (above) and I leapt at the chance to reintroduce my son into society without a Fedora. The hairdressing staff at Trotters are amazing and even though my post-nap (Noooo!) son screamed blue murder from the moment he was strapped into his swivel chair they remained calm, friendly, upbeat and most of all determined. Like an experienced shearer of feral sheep, stylist Ana managed to perform a precision hair cut in what felt like seconds and not only erased all evidence of my insane hackings but left him looking more Prince George than Queen’s Pudding. (that is a real pudding by the way  – my mum makes it)


The hair cut a couple of days later.

All kids who have their hair cut at Trotters get a sticker and a cute certificate that can be put in the baby book which is a lovely touch. I will definitely be going back to Trotters for the next haircut as we have since been to another local salon that did an appalling job and granny has also had a go recently with very ‘directional’ results. You can book a haircut at Trotters here.

The only thing you have to watch out for with a Trotters haircut is the fact that you will inevitably leave the store with less hair and extra shopping bags. Their selection of gorgeous clothes and toys are just too lovely to pass by. We ended up buying a pair of canvas slip ons from their Hamptons range which are great for slightly wider, chubbier feet and I just managed to prize a wooden fire engine out of his fists before we left.

Trotters really is a destination store (they have six stores in London and Surrey)  and is the perfect place to go if you need to stock up on holiday buys, back to school buys, occasion wear or anything at all to do with kids really! Definitely worth a visit. 


I had my haircut at Trotters and I only screamed at the top of my lungs and scared everyone in the shop for 6 minutes exactly. 


The shoes that we bought. These are his favourites and have been worn all Summer. Hampton Canvas Bellport Shoe, £23, Trotters This particular style was much wider than the lace up ones so great for any kids with broader feet.

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