Amazing face gadget thing

I am addicted to this face contraption!

It’s called the Facialift tool and is the invention of A-List facialist Sarah Chapman who counts Naomi Watts as a client. The knobbly wheels are supposed to mimic the kneading and tapping that Sarah uses in her signature facial for aiding lymphatic drainage, lifting and plumping. It’s brilliant. I can feel the blood whooshing round my face (in a good way) when I’ve used it and it really releases jaw tension. When I roller my forehead I feel tension ebbing away and more importantly, see my deep lines diminish! Seriously! I had no idea that my default expression was squinty frown until I started rollering. The gadget costs £25 from and considering her facials can cost around £200, I think this is very reasonable and quite generous of her. I’m off to work on my lines…

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