3 Super Practical Transitional Topshop Buys

The day I don’t want to shop in Topshop anymore will be the day I need to check myself onto a Saga cruise and start openly cultivating a badger stripe. Both very exciting prospects but still a couple of years off – if I make it to the hairdressers in the next fortnight. I have just snapped up this trio of season straddling loveliness from the shopping Mecca’s flagship store. Yes, I am a bad lady and I have broken my shopping vow of abstinence again but these buys are going to cost literally nothing when I count up the PPW over the year!

 Practical purchase No1, Paisley skirt, £30 Not outrageously short, while still being delightfully flirty in this and next season’s hottest print. Can be worn with tights and heels or bare legged with sandals and Converse. Practical purchase No 2. Navy blue Plain Grill jumper, £36 This has just the right slouch factor and hangs in a very flattering manner -ie circumnavigating the stomach. I wear it with jeans, the aforementioned skirt and shorts too. At least 6 people have asked me where it’s from. Practical purchase No 3. Supersoft skinny jeans, £38 Peach skin soft to the touch and high waisted enough to stop pant spillage when you’re bending down over a small child weeing all over your feet in a lay-by. Not so high waisted you look like a walking pelvis. 

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